• The muzzle is very comfortable for you dog and useful for training, travelling, patrolling, guarding and visiting the vet

  • Helps stop biting, barking, and chewing dirty things

  • Adjustable nylon strap with quick release buckle and comfort strip for the dog's snout

  • Lightweight muzzle features a basket design that gives all-around protection

  • Recommended by handlers, trainers, and pet care professionals

  • Sizes Available:
    Muzzle Size: 1#:
    length (front end): 4.1cm;length (short end): 4cm ;length (long end): 5.9cm
    Snout Circumference: 17.5cm
    The minimum adjustment: 30cm;The biggest adjustment: 42cm
    Weight: 30g
    Muzzle Size: 2#:
    length (front end): 5cm;length (short end): 4.7cm ;length (long end): 7cm
    Snout Circumference: 20cm
    The minimum adjustment: 34cm;The biggest adjustment: 46cm
    Weight: 25g
    Muzzle Size: 3#:
    length (front end): 5.6cm;length (short end): 6cm ;length (long end): 8.7cm
    Snout Circumference: 24cm
    The minimum adjustment: 37cm;The biggest adjustment: 52cm
    Weight: 35g
    Muzzle Size: 4#:
    length (front end): 6.2cm;length (short end): 6.6cm ;length (long end): 10.4cm
    Snout Circumference: 26.5cm
    The minimum adjustment: 41cm;The biggest adjustment: 56cm
    Weight: 50g
    Muzzle Size: 5#: length (front end): 7.8cm;length (short end): 7.3cm ;length (long end): 12cm
    Snout Circumference: 30.3cm
    The minimum adjustment: 46cm;The biggest adjustment: 61.5cm
    Weight: 55g
    Muzzle Size: 6#:
    length (front end): 9cm;length (short end): 8.3cm ;length (long end): 14cm
    Snout Circumference: 35.5cm
    The minimum adjustment: 49cm;The biggest adjustment: 67cm
    Weight: 80g
    Muzzle Size: 7#:
    length (front end): 10cm;length (short end): 8.7cm ;length (long end): 15cm
    Snout Circumference: 38.5cm
    The minimum adjustment: 54cm;The biggest adjustment: 72cm
    Weight: 90g

    Adjustable Dog Muzzle Bark Control Mouth Mesh Basket Cage #1 - B01960D9QG

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    Adjustable Dog Muzzle Bark Control Mouth Mesh Basket Cage #1 - B01960D9QG

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